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Facilities at  Divisional Public School & College Sahiwal


General Facilities


The following activities are organized for all the students at Divisional Public School & College Sahiwal

1.       English Language Teaching (Speaking & Writing)

2.       Art and Painting

3.       Computer Education

4.       Excursions, especially to Northern areas

5.       Martial Arts

6.       Gymnastics

7.       Badminton, Hockey and Table Tennis coaching

Nominal charges are levied for all the above activities except (4) for which actual total expenditure is distributed among all participants.


Adequate emphasis is given to Islamic Studies. The Islamiat curriculum includes history of Islam, memorization and understanding of prayers and of selected passages from the Holy Quran.

The correct recitation of the Holy Quran is emphasized and a Husn-e-Qirat competition is held every year.



School has its own Telephone Exchange and all important offices, Parents and teachers can contact each other.



Divisional Public School and College has three computer labs and six science labs in all. Out of which

  • Three science labs in Senior School, Physics lab, Chemistry lab., & Biology lab, where the students of VI to VIII, Matric and F.Sc. and class perform experiments

  • Three Science labs for Girls’ branch, Physics lab, Chemistry lab & Bology lab where girls perform their experiments

  • One Computer Lab with sixteen fully loaded PIII computers hooked up with Windows XP, for Junior section

  • One Computer Lab with 36 P-IV fully loaded computers in each lab linked with Windows  XP and  server for Senior School

  • One Computer Lab 17 P-IV Fully loaded computers in each lab linked with windows XP and server for Girls School

  • High speed Internet (DSL)

  • An Audio-Visual Aids are available for all the classes in the Senior School, Junior and Girls School to help the students

  • The Senior School has a well-equipped Library. The new Library in Senior School is increasing its collection of books rapidly.

All these science labs are well equipped with modern and latest equipments & materials which fulfills the practical requirements till Matric and F.Sc. students. We have well trained & well experienced lab staff who help students doing all the practical work keeping in view all the standards of health and safety and precautionary measures.



The School has a well equipped automated  library. It is for the students of VI to VIII, Matric, Intermediate. With a sound book collection of about 20,000 books, latest periodicals, daily news papers and digests.



Divisional Public School & College Sahiwal has the dedicated, experienced, coaching staff coaches  young athletes the importance of teamwork, respect for the games and how to develop their athletic abilities on and off the playing field.

The routine at “DPS & IC” is no different to the routine being followed in any leading School or College. Great emphasis is laid on discipline. Activities such as PT, Drill and  Games take place regularly.

The DPS & IC athletic program is respected statewide for its competitiveness and the positive attitudes and good sportsmanship of its players and coaches. The students of DPS & IC have a long history of successes in all sporting venues evidenced by the many awards, acknowledgments and trophies displayed throughout our school and sporting facilities. Sports events at DPS & IC comprises of

  •  Hockey

  •  Football

  •  Table Tennis

  •  Badminton

  •  Gymnastics

  •  Cricket

The School is spread over 68 acres of land. The buildings are well-spaced out, allowing for spacious lawns and numerous shady, flowering trees, shrubs and flower beds. The boys are encouraged to take interest in their maintenance and to experience the pleasure which can be derived from flowers and trees.

The Junior School has its own full size playing fields and lawns equipped with children's playing apparatus.

The Senior School is provided with t large cricket-cum-athletic fields, full size hockey and football grounds.


Multipurpose Hall

         Divisional Public School & College has its own full equipped Large Multipurpose hall for all indoor activities.

          One badminton and two table tennis courts are available for the students of  Divisional Public School & College Sahiwal.